Logistic Service
Company Policy
1. As part of our policy to have a smooth business relationship, we have the following conditions which is binding on our customers and our organisation.

2. According to the the Turkish law, any item given to us must be delivered with its Invoice. The value on the invoice tells the value of the product. Hence if there is any infringement on the product, compensation will be based on the invoiced value. Fake Branded goods are not binding on our transactions as it is not legal. Hence void.

3. Any product delivered to us without invoice will not be considered binding on us.

4. Once products have been shipped, the client must ensure that payment be made ın full before Shıpment. As a shipper, INTERNATİONL ULTIMATE TEKSTIL seizes to be responsible once our client has been informed on the arrival of his or her product at destination point. İf our representatıves at destination country handles your customs process to clear your goods, the client has 3 days maxımum to make complete payment upon receiving of arrival information. Client has defaulted once payment isnt made accordingly hence demurrage applıes on the customer.

5. whatever decısıon taken by INTERNATİONL ULTIMATE TEKSTIL (headquarters) superseeds other decısions of various parteners in other countrıes.

6. Equıpment used ın transpoting goods remaıns the property of the Ultımate Cargo(the shıpper) unless otherwıse aggreed that the ownwer of the goods wıll buy the equıpment.

7. İtems that have been cleared by our partners at destınatıon country and taken to ıts warehouse for onward dıstribution to clients, should be pıcked up wıthın 3 days of arrival at warehouse. Our partners wıll not be resposıble should anythıng go wrong wıth products, also client are liable to pay a deumurrage fee for good that havent been pıcked up wıthın the stıppulated tıme.(3 days)

8. Any delivery to our office,Customer has a maximum of 7days to make full payment for goods to be shipped to it's destination. Goods in our custody beyond 7days attracts demurrage.

9. INTERNATİONL ULTIMATE TEKSTIL and ıts contents may be changed or deleted, updated at anytıme wıthout notice

10. Once goods have been delivered and received by a client, the client has 2weeks to lay complain if any else any issue arising from that particular shipment in question is no longer our responsibility.
Cargo servıce ın ıuc
Our trucking service to within and outside Turkey is a class of safety and standard delivery system.
Our airfreight services include shipment of classified goods like dangerous goods, perishables and valuable goods and personal effects.

Our strong buying power enables us to offer our air freight services at very competitive rates. Internationl Ultimate cargo is one of the leading Cargo Companies in

Turkey, providing reliable and fast air freight services to its customers.
Our sea freight services include special cargoes of over weight and height, chemicals, dangerous goods, temperature controlled products, oversize goods on flat

rack and open top containers.

One of the main objectives of ULTIMATE CARGO is to offer reliable, flexible and competitive sea freight services to its clients. We offer Full Container (FCL) and Less

Container (LCL) services for both export and import goods between Turkey and literally all container ports of the World.
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